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Forester XT exhaust

Forester catalytic convertor

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#1 curryracer


Posted 01 July 2018 - 10:10 PM

Can anyone help me find an o/e replacement exhaust please?

Its the second cat after the turbo on a MY53 XT 2.0 manual.

I don't really want a decat pipe (although I'm sure the H&S one sounds great) unless there are no alternatives.

I have the Subaru o/e number, but none of the usual aftermarket supplies list a replacement. I have also tried a few of the aftermarket cat only suppliers that crop up on ebay and ggoggle search.

Part number 44101fe030

Any other suggested sources??


#2 Blastertrev

  • LocationSunny Cumbria (NOT)

Posted 01 July 2018 - 11:20 PM

What's your chassis number? There seems to be a couple of variants of the 2.0XT, some have the typical 3 piece Foz exhaust whereas the pic. on opposed forces shows a 4 piece more like an Impreza. www.jp-carparts.com is likely worth a try. H&S will likely be able to do you a catted downpipe as well (albeit with a sports cat = better turbo spool-up)

May the Foz be with you....

#3 curryracer


Posted 04 July 2018 - 01:12 PM

Had a look on JP. WOW, there are lots of variations. My chassis  is JF1SG5KD34G02XXXX With EJ205NWTBB engine code


Looks like their model number for my car is SG55-55D. However, I have the 4 piece system: downpipe with cat, "underfloor cat", centre section and rear silencer. Its the underfloor cat I need.


Local Subaru dealer (and JP) shows underfloor cat and centre section as one part number - 44200fe190 (though supplied in two pieces) for £520, back-ordered to Japan!


I can't afford £500+ from a dealer, let alone £1100 plus delivery from Japan!


I am surprised that this hasn't come up before given the number of cars still around. 

#4 Blastertrev

  • LocationSunny Cumbria (NOT)

Posted 05 July 2018 - 08:15 AM

If it's a 4 piece exhaust then it's like an Impreza, which might make finding a replacement a tad easier. Just to confirm this what's the length of the little pipe with the blown cat in it? and the length of the long centre pipe?


PS have you actually talked to Hayward and Scott? If not it might be worth seeing whether they can supply just that little pipe with the scrubber cat. I believe they do (or have done) a fair number more things than they show on their website. 


PPS There might be someone on here who's fitted a free-flow "sports" exhaust to get more power and has the original still knocking about?

May the Foz be with you....

#5 curryracer


Posted 08 July 2018 - 06:58 PM

It is a 4 piece, but on the Impreza, the flanges are at different angles, so not a direct fit.

Called H and S yesterday, but need to talk to the "Subaru specialist" on Monday.

Will try the second hand market, but like mine, they are all 15 years old, so not much better condition!

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